To allow you to make a return, you have 14 days, from the date of receipt of the articles ordered online, to send us your request.

Returns of goods cannot be executed without a Return Merchandise Authorization (ARM) number.

Requests for a Return Merchandise Authorization (ARM) number must be communicated by email to

For your request to be processed by our services, you must indicate:

  • First name, last name, address (used for your order)
  • Order number (appearing on your invoice)
  • Invoice number (listed on your invoice)
  • The item (s) you wish to return
  • The reasons for this return of item (s)
  • A phone number where you can be reached from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Your request will be processed within 2 working days.

Our return merchandise agreement will be formalized by sending a Return Merchandise Authorization (ARM) number.

Do not send any goods before obtaining the ARM number.

Obtaining an ARM number does not constitute definitive acceptance of the refund of returned goods.



Returned items must be folded as shipped.

Make sure that there are no display or trim accessories, that no label is missing before making your return.

Item labels must be present on the product as shipped.

The red safety label or its cord must not have been moved or torn off.

Products must not have been worn or washed.

We will be very vigilant about respecting the return conditions; any failure resulting in the cancellation of the refund and, in this case,

returned items will be returned to you without any refund being made.



Returns are to be made to:

Pk3 Management
259 avenue Carnot
78700 Conflans Sainte Honorine

Once the Return Merchandise Authorization (ARM) number has been obtained, your return must reach us within 5 working days.

If you are using the shipping box for returns, we recommend that you make sure that the box is properly closed and that the goods are securely called up to avoid disputes.

You can also use another box for the return as long as it offers the conditions required for the transport of goods without being damaged.



Once your package has been verified and the return has been definitively accepted, you will be reimbursed within 15 days by crediting your means of payment.



Within the framework of an exchange, the costs of returns and redirection are offered to you.

Thank you for contacting by email at